Board Photo
Elected Officers, Asia Region Suzuki Association (2017-2018)

  • Carmencita Arambulo, Chair
  • Lan Ku Chen, Vice-Chair, Secretary
  • Una Lauw, Treasurer

Photo from Right to Left
1. Una Lauw, Chairperson, Suzuki Talent Education Association of
Singapore and Representative of STEAS to ARSA Board.
2. Therese Wirakesuma, Chairperson,Suzuki Music Association of
Indonesia, SMAI Representative to ARSA Board
3. Carmencita Arambulo, Past Chair of Philippines  Suzuki Association,
Representative of PSA to ARSA Board, ARSA  Piano Teacher Trainer
4. Paul Landefeld, ISA Committee for Asia Region Oversight and
Reorganization, ISA Co-interim CEO
5. Hoei Tsu Chen, President of Taiwan Talent Education
Association, TTEA
6. Lan Ku Chen, ARSA Vice-Chair, ARSA Representative to ISA Board,
ARSA Violin Teacher Trainer