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Suzuki Voice School (Volume One)

Alfred Music and The International Suzuki Voice committee are pleased to present Suzuki Voice School Volume One.This publication is the cooperative effort of the International Suzuki Voice Committee together with Dr. Kukkamäki, who have worked on Volume One preparation and proofreading since 2004. It sees the culmination of many years of dedication and support from teachers across the world.”Singing together in many languages is a unique experience and allows so much more than music to foster – it crosses cultural divides and brings us together through singing.”

New Recordings for

Suzuki Violin School Volume 4

Coming Spring 2022!

AH Suzuki Photo


ARSA would like to express our heartfelt condolences
to mrs suzuki’s family and teri.

Obituary of Ms. Hiroko Suzuki

Ms. Hiroko Suzuki, former president of TERI, passed away on August 13, 2021. She was 80 years old.
She is a niece of Dr. Shin’ichi Suzuki, the founder of Suzuki Method, and she grew up listening to Schubert’s “Unfinished” at the suggestion of Dr. Suzuki.
She graduated from Toho Gakuen School of Music with honors and has been a TERI violin and viola teacher since she was a student.

She served as the 4th President of TERI from 2013 to 2016 and has been the Honorary President of ISA from 2020.

She had been ill for several months and had been recuperating at home. She passed away peacefully at 9:00 a.m. on the 13th, attended by her son, Shigeru Ishikawa, her daughter, Sakiko Ishikawa (a piano teacher at TERI), and other family members.

The family wishes to hold a farewell party when the corona pandemic has settled down.
We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Ms. Suzuki for her contribution to the Suzuki Method over the years, and we pray for the repose of her soul.

Ryugo Hayano, TERI president



The 70th Suzuki Method Summer School Commemorative

Saturday, July 31, 2021

“Student Concert” at 13:00 – 15:00 (Japan Standard Time)

FREE (No registration required) Click here for further info

“Special Instructors Concert” at 19:00 (Japan Standard Time)

(¥500 online ticket required) Click here for further info


Korea Suzuki Association 

The board of the International Suzuki Association ( ISA) and the board of Asia Region Suzuki Association (ARSA) have approved the application of Korea Suzuki Association ( KSA) to participate as a full country member of ARSA.  The sub-license agreement was signed by all parties in March 2021.  Welcome KSA!



ARSA Examinations Passed May 18, 2019- January 11, 2020

CELLO Examiner Bai Chi Chen

Book 1  Neeranuch Pothipattananont (6 July 2019)

Book 2 Tapalin Charoensook (6 July 2019)

GUITAR Examiner Zeah Riordan

Book 1 David Alexander K. Cheng (July 7, 2019), Low Kim Pin (July 7, 2019), Gabriel Ramos (July 7, 2019)

Book 2 Phil C. Valdez (July 7, 2019)

PIANO Examiner Carmencita Arambulo

Book 1 Barbara Irene Gavas Bennett (October 21, 2019), Han Soo Yeon (October 21, 2019), Hui Phoebe Yan Ting (October 21, 2019), Banchinda Laothai (October 21, 2019), Miracle Ramano (October 21, 2019) 

Book 2 Wu Yi (July 21, 2019), Xu Jie (July 21, 2019)

Book 3 Li Linzhong (November 21, 2019)

PIANO Examiner Katarzyna Borowiak

Book 1 Ang Chor Eng (April 19, 2019)

VIOLIN Examiner Dr. Lan Ku Chen

Book 1 Shirley Loo Shu Ting (May 18, 2019), Liu, Ya-Chih (June 9, 2019), Chen Qian (August 22, 2019)), Su Huaking (August 22, 2019), Maya Monika (Nov. 19, 2019), Andre Loong (Nov. 10, 2019)

Book 2 Calvin Lee Chee Keong (May 18, 2019), Kang Ting Ting (July 11, 2019), Frida Effrien (Nov. 19, 2019), Mellody Arben (January 11, 2020), 

Book 3 Una Lauw (May 18, 2019), Lim Xiao Teng Mae (May 18, 2019), Toh, Yuan- Lu (June 9, 2019), Praewa Saithai (August 5, 2019), Stephanie Hosea (Nov. 19, 2019), Therese Wirakesuma (Nov. 19, 2019), Maulida Isnaini (Nov. 19, 2019), Elizabeth Ongko (Nov. 19, 2019), Suprapto Wiro Utomo (January 11, 2020)

Book 4 Kamolmas Charoensook (August 5, 2019), Kamolporn Byagghateja (August 5, 2019), Therese Wirakesuma (January 11, 2020)

The International Suzuki Association is pleased to welcome three new Board members for 2020:
Anke van der Bijl, Netherlands (ESA Representative)
Christophe Bossuat, France (At-Large Director)
Therese Wirakesuma, Indonesia (At-Large Director)
Please read their bio and message to the members in July 2020 ISA Online Journal.
Here is the screen shot from the ISA Board of Directors Meeting October 2020 via Zoom – across 23 time zones!
Top Row: Simon Griffiths (PPSA), Therese Wirakesuma (ALD), Allen Lieb (CEO)
Middle Row: Christophe Bossuat (ALD), Anke van der Bijl (ESA), Pamela Brasch (SAA)
Bottom Row: Carey Beth Hockett (ALD), Ryugo Hayano (TERI), Lan Ku Chen (ARSA)


A Consensus Statement Concerning Online Teacher-Training from the ISA Board of Directors – October 2020

‘In-person, individual approaches to training and mentoring teachers are foundational to the Suzuki Method and are an essential component in Suzuki Teacher Development.
In current circumstances, ISA supports virtual teacher training as a temporary solution for maintaining teaching programs in the regions.
Technology is a powerful tool but cannot replace the essential elements of human connection and live interaction.’

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 06.52.50

Link to Alfred Publishing



The 69th Summer School TERI

“Given the spread of the COVID-19 infection throughout the world, TERI has decided to cancel the 69th Summer School that was scheduled for July 31~August 3, 2020.

We know that some participants have already made plans to attend and we are very sorry for the inconveniences this will cause. “

Alfred Music Releases New Suzuki Violin Recordings by Hilary Hahn

HH_Suzuki (1)

Photo Credit: Dana van Leeuwe

Suzuki Announcement Final (1)

The 68th Summer School Website is now online 

螢幕擷取畫面 (6)

We would like to inform you that the 2019 Summer School website for
participants from abroad is now available.

Non-TERI members are able to register for the Summer School through the Tobu
Top Tours Registration Website.
A link to the Registration Website will appear on the above website.
The registration period is from 10:00 JST on May 10 (Fri.) to 17:00 JST on
May 27 (Mon.).


Congratulation to following teachers who successfully passed the ARSA Teacher Certification Examination

Thailand Association for Talent Education 

(ARSA Violin Teacher Exam/ 23rd December 2018)

Book 3:
Kamolmas Charoensook,  Kamolporn Byagghateja, Omporm Kowintha,

Punyawas Manomaiphibul

Book 2:
Varissara Tanakom,  Praewa Saithai

Taiwan Talent Education Association/
Fujian Music Talent Education Association

(ARSA Violin Teacher Exam/ 9th January 2019)

Book 1:
Lin Yi 林旖,  Lin Yenshan 林燕珊, Chen Chen 陳琛 , Liao Yuze廖雨澤
Zhao Yujie 趙鈺杰

Philippines Suzuki Association

(ARSA Violin Teacher Exam/ 8th March 2019)

Book 4:
Anna Janine Samaniego, Area Jean S. Apalat, Amber Loraine O. Murillo,

John Jerry M. Ginon,  John L. Frias



All previously published print copies of the ISA Journal, dating from 1990 – 2004, are now online. Enjoy reading though articles from the past, many of which were written by Dr. Suzuki on Talent Education philosophy and pedagogy. Share your favorite articles with fellow teachers and with families in your studio. Gain new insights or refresh your thinking on Talent Education and its principles.

The ISA thanks Pam Brasch, Jackie Corina, Jason Hardgrave, Susan Kempter and Aaron Van Heyningen for their assistance on this project.

Look for a new ISA Journal to be posted online during Spring 2019!

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Congratulation to following teachers who successfully passed the ARSA Teacher Certification Examination

Thailand Association for Talent Education
(ARSA Cello Teacher Exam / 27th July 2018)
Book1: Tapalin Charoensook (TATE), Vivi Jingaa (SMAI)

Taiwan Talent Education Association
(ARSA Violin Teacher Exam/ 18th August 2018)
Book1: Chen Yong Hui、Chen Yuemin、Huang Xinyan、Kang Tingting、Wan Xinyue、Wu Wei、Xu Shanshan (FMTEA)

Thailand Association for Talent Education
(ARSA Violin Teacher Exam / 1st September 2018)
Book 1: Karuna Boonyuen (TATE)
Book 2: Kamolmas Charoensook 、Kamolporn Byagghateja、 Punyawas Manomaiphibul (TATE)、
Chen Kein Wooi (TEGM)、Lee Su-Wyn, Annette、Mae Lim (STEAS)
Book 3: Polyiam Palitponganpim (TATE)

Thailand Association for Talent Education
(ARSA Piano Teacher Exam / 28th September 2018)
Book1: Vorarat Wattanasombat (TATE)

Taiwan Talent Education Association
(ARSA Violin Teacher Exam/ 16th September 2018)
Book 2 : Chen Yong Hui、Fang Jian、He Run Ze、
Qiaoxi Zhang (FMTEA)

Suzuki Music Association of Indonesia
(ARSA Violin Teacher Exam / 15th November 2018)
Book 1: Aster lstya Nurati、Mellady Arben (SMAI)
Book 2: Stephanie Hosea (SMAI)

Suzuki Music Association of Indonesia
(ARSA Violin Teacher Exam / 20th November 2018)
Book 2: Elizabeth Suryani Ongko、Suprato Wiro Utomo (SMAI)


2nd International Suzuki Teacher Trainers Convention SPAIN


Globalisation and Teacher Training in the 21st Century



ISA News Release: Suzuki Official Website in China

Suzukihg ISA_____________________________________________________

ISA announcement of the Asia Region Suzuki Association (ARSA) as the official umbrella Association for the Asia Region.

ISA announcement


Alfred Music Announcement:

“We take the allegations of sexual misconduct that have been made against violinist William Preucil, Jr. extremely seriously, and we are dismayed at the findings of the investigation conducted on behalf of the Cleveland Orchestra. To that end, we will work closely with the International Suzuki Association and will replace our current Suzuki Violin School recordings with new recordings as soon as possible.”





July Alfred Music Product Update News





ISA Press Release June 2018.jpg


TERI Summer School 2018“Where Love is Deep, Much Can be Accomplished” – Dr. Suzuki


Congratulation to following teachers who successfully passed the ARSA Teacher Certification Examination:   ARSA Certified Teacher


April 30, 2018

TERI 67th Summer School

registration period: May 15-31, 2018.

TERI Summer School 2018

______________________________________________________________________________________2019 ESA teacher trainer conference


2018Grand Concert_頁面_12018Grand Concert_頁面_2


Asia Region Suzuki Conference, Manila, Philippine, July 1-5, 2018,

Please visit conference official website





ARSA Teacher Certification Examination Announcement :

December 12, 2017

Congratulation to following teachers who successfully passed the ARSA Teacher Certification Examination-Violin (2017):

1. Suzuki Music Association of Indonesia (SMAI): 

Book 1: Therese Wirakesuma, Stephanie Hosea, Hartanti Irwanto, Maulida Nur Isnaini,

Edith Rahardja, Ziporrah Alexandria Telaumganua

Book 2: Therese Wirakesuma, Maulida Nur Isnaini

2. Suzuki Talent Education Association Singapore (STEAS):

Book 1: Una Lauw, Jayne Lee, Mae Lim

3. Fujian Province Music Talent Education Association, China  (FPMTEA)

Book 1: Qiaoxi Zhang, Yu Yang, He Renze, Fan Jian


The 2017 International Suzuki Association Board Meeting

October 6-8, 2017

The 2017 International Suzuki Association Board Meeting was held in Auckland, New Zealand. The official signing of the sub-license of the four Country Associations of Asia Region Suzuki Association (ARSA) by ISA, namely Philippine Suzuki Association (PSA), Taiwan Talent Education Association (TTEA), Suzuki Music Association of Indonesia (SMAI), and Suzuki Talent Education Association of Singapore (STEAS).

Photo: (Left to Right)

Lan Ku Chen, ARSA Representative ; Martin Rüttimann, ESA Representative, Chairperson; Allen Lieb, Jr. CEO;  Pasquale Razzano, Member-at-Large.2017 Signing of Sub License

ISA Board of Directors, 2017-18

Left to right: Prof. Ryugo Hayano,TERI Representative; Carey Beth Hockett, Member-at-Large; Koji Toyoda, President (Ex-Officio); Pam Brasch, SAA Representative, Treasurer; Simon Griffiths, PPSA Representative, Secretary; Martin Rüttimann, ESA Representative, Chairperson; Pasquale Razzano, Member-at-Large; Allen Lieb, Jr. CEO; Dr. Lan Ku Chen, ARSA Representative; Missing: Hiroko Driver Lipman, Member-at-Large.